Why it’s a must to Overcome the Burdens of Past Traumas


It’s important to give thanks for the blessings and opportunities that God has afforded us (which is a phenomenal thing); and realize how much our past traumas have shaped and molded our way of thinking. Even through this journey towards wholeness I have learned that there are demons that must be confronted along this path.

Child abuse, molestation, rape, incest, broken homes, mass murders, suicide, hate, drugs, prison, racism wedlock, poverty, crime, aids, and the list goes on. As Black men we sit in a quagmire of delusions when it comes to finding a ticket out of our prisons.

Although, it is easy to spiritualize the process and say, “God’s in control” God’s got my back” things will work out and be OK” “I am blessed and highly favored”; there is a tremendous amount of work on the inside of a person that must be done. We can never for one moment why it’s critical to not rush this process and bury the pain.

Robert Frost says, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. Oftentimes, the road less travelled might help us to live long but it never grants us access to those hidden jewels that is often exposed through hardships.

Taking the road less travelled gives us permission to accept therapy if need be. The stigma in our community suggests that therapy is expensive, full of judgment and not suited to black pain.

We have all faced many different forms of abuse but for some reason or another downplayed the scenario, in order to lessen the shame and also to avoid shining a negative light on the family. Many Black families are coded in a secrecy that refuses to let the cat out of the bad concerning misaligned generational curses. Don’t just live and accept those traumas as your new norm. Try and find a means for expressing the discomforts of your existence.

Remember, therapy can be in the form of whatever helps you to understand why the pain was created, how to process that pain and how to heal from it forever. Make sure you understand what therapy means for your current situation. Therapy isn’t all about going to a counselor and airing out your problems. It’s more about getting to the bottom of what is preventing you from living your best life.

If that happens to involve getting therapy Amen but don’t allow pride block your ambitions towards achieving wholeness in your life. This is where those two forks pop up in the road and you have to choose the road less travelled. The road less travelled might mean confronting your dark side (Past & Present Pain, fears & phobias), which could be causing relationship woes, anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts or just any expressive hang-ups. that you feel shouldn’t exist in your life at this present moment.

Robert Greene (Best Selling Author of 48 Laws of Power), in his latest book “The Laws of Human Nature”, as noted in ch.6 titled “Elevate Your perspective”, explains that “everything we do is accompanied to the past and that every event is part of something that has happened before in an endless chain of Historical Causation”. The realization is that every event that has taken place in our lives on some level has consequences that stretch well into the future. The main recourse is to simply step back and consider the wider map of your life’s circumstances.

Biblically, in Ecclesiastes 1:9 explains that there is nothing new under the sun so whatever you have experienced in your lifetime is just an old dilemma with a fresh perspective. Translation: Your experiences are not isolated incidents which only affect you as an individual. The pain, trauma and daily happenings are real responses to past occurrences, but your response to these issues will make all the difference.

Every day we deal with the process of our healing and the daily nuances that confronts mainstream America. At any given moment it’s important to live in a world full of rage and violence, and yet disconnect from the social stratum of having to accept those norms. Don’t just live through the pain and ignore the realities that are at play. If you have to meditate and find a means for understanding the nature of eccentric behavior’s that is surfacing on a daily basis all around the world.

Meditation in this sense is about observing life from multiple perspectives. I understand that meditation in the tradition sense means sitting in silence, contemplating, and just trying to tap into that deep part of the self; but when it comes to combating those inner demons, we need a place where we can truly become ourselves.

It’s a must to overcome those past burdens. While that may take multiple generations to come to fruition when you talk about the entire diaspora; the conversation is one that must stay at the forefront of discussion. Too often our cries for help falls on death ears. It’s time to be courageous enough to reinvent ourselves in light of the prevailing circumstances that clouds our perception of reality.



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