Why Embracing Change is The Elixir to a Better Life

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It’s no secret that many of the greatest successes in the black community have come as a result of our sheer resilience. We are tough minded and tender-hearted folks who always seem to get to the job done.

We always fighting for change, for new life, for peace and revenge. It was the Great Motivational speaking Guru Les Brown that said, “The Greatest Revenge is Massive Successes”.

One of the biggest misconceptions of America lore is this idea of a Democratic Dream. A land that flows with milk and honey. A land that works for everyone. A land that utilizes peace and prosperity for the benefit of all.

And yet, we have acquired this dynamic dualism of good vs evil. On one end millionaires are being made daily in America life; and on the other end poverty eats away at the core of America’s infrastructure.

Embracing Change

So, what does it mean to embrace change? Given what you have experienced to be true this far in your life; what do you think it would take to live a better life. Ok Materialistically what works for you? Car, house, vacations, clothes, jewelry? That’s about what would do it for me. Why? Because I have this insatiable desire to look good and feel good all the time.

Given that I am frugal Meister I still see myself pinching my pennies and sipping generic coffee as a multi-millionaire. And yet, it’s my dreamy like cloud state that I had to temper with saving money, paying my bills on time, supporting charitable organizations, tithing to my church, loving my wife, and raising my kids.

The change that I had to embrace was balance. Balance was my change, and it took many years to find out what I needed to be, do, and have in order to live a better life. One piece of advice I can give you is to “Don’t Rush” that change. Embracing change doesn’t mean having this “Cold Turkey” moment.

If someone you know has smoked cigarettes for 10 years; it would be ironic and even odd for them to wake up and not desire a cigarette. You have nicotine patches, nicotine gum, vaping pens and all other contraptions that are steps down the ladder for moving beyond a habit that has plagued someone’s life.

Embrace change on your own terms and find the means for loving yourself in that process. The Internal and YouTube in particular is good for driving home this false narrative of change and transformation. Clout, likes and shares often drown out the process behind the change that we seek.

If you can honestly look back for a moment over all the things that has taken place in your life good or bad; you might just see that you are in good place. It might not be ideal or circumstantial but nevertheless you might be in a better mental space.

You are living in a time that others could have only dreamed up considering all the things are possible to get accomplished. Can you accept the fact that you have been born for such a time as this? Do you believe that a divine plan was enacted billions of years ago that placed your arrival in this 21st century plane of existence?

You have to believe that you can lead and that means making decisions today that will prepare you for tomorrow’s victories. You have to constantly learn new things and see all experiences as learning experiences; and constantly look for new ways to improve you. By reading this article you are demonstrating the willingness to live a better life.

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