What to do When Your Marriage is Super Uncomfortable. Try Sidestepping Your Viewpoint!!

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11 min readJul 18, 2022

You May feel Stuck but tell your emotions how to feel.

Depending on how many marriage bootcamps, courses, seminars, or counseling sessions; have been a part of your learning curve, it seems like nothing prepares us for those inevitable breakdowns we often face in our relationships.

Depending on how long you have been with your partner there is a good chance that someone is silently changing their viewpoint and/or perspective on life. Change is constant.

Nothing can remain stagnant in any area of our lives for too long. Given the nature that we as humans sleep collectively and wake individually; our hierarchical needs of safety, security, love, belonging, esteem, and recognition will forever remain at the forefront of our existence.

At some point in our relationship the love for one another will wane, preferences will change (Likes vs Dislikes), and the kids will begin to get older. Many individuals change zip codes, cars, go back to school, lean in more towards their faith and find interest-based groups that share their desires for existence.

You may have credit card debt, student loans, a hard time finding a great job, mental health issues and most importance a difference in perspectives about this post-pandemic.

All of the above is Ok. As long as our viewpoint can reflect situations are happening for our good; and that God is not asleep at the wheel patience and self -love then becomes the context for navigating the uncomfortable pangs of emotional distance.

So, what do you do? You tell your emotions how to feel.

How did I do it. I thought about my past life, embraced a new philosophy for living and read What if? By Randall Munroe as part of my ongoing process. Here’s a summary of what came of those inner conversations.

Think Past Life

As a believer in past life experiences, it’s an amazing assertion to think that somehow, I could have been a brain surgeon in my past life…

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