A Philosophical Inquiry

It’s an appalling notion that the soul of a black man is so slight. I am forced to accept the narrative that fear exist amongst the propaganda elitist machine. The social pathologies that they push about the Black Man further demonizes and destroys his artistic profile. Black men are not serial rapists, drug pushers, dope fiends, menace to society, criminals, uneducated, and lazy sperm donors. The truth of the black man is in the soul of the black man. He must be celebrated and affirmed for the distinctions his black masculinity brings to the table.

As progenitors of a global race, he is often vilified and seen as a thug-nigga regardless of his social class. He is made to protect his privilege of being black, male, educated and economically free from the constraints of impoverished thinking. Why would a black man want to hide his genius from the black community? Because he understands that a college education does not equal middle class success for a black man without access, skills, social status, a plan of attack and tons of hard work. He is already a target for the criminal justice system as a gendered body, who is perceived as someone who lacks the motivation or skillset to contribute to society.

What is secret is sacred to a black man who spends 25–30 years of life finding a system that actually works. It is a tough proposition to give away the very thing that gives a black man life “His experiences”. The question then becomes “How does a black man understand the pathology of his existence? Many variables are placed in the psyche of a black man’s understanding. On one end of the spectrum, he needs to ignore that present day attacks against his manhood & masculinity and fit into the society in which he inhabits. On another end of the spectrum a would-be Christian would suffice for keeping his morals in check.

In another vein, he would be tasked with being a revolutionary, freedom fighter, activist, politician, socialist, and defender of the black faith. And on the basic model of upward mobility the black man is a blue/white collar professional, a doctor, lawyer, scientist, engineer, professor, actor, entertainer, entrepreneur, or banker. The idea that the Genius of a Black Man can be boxed into any social stratum would necessitate his ultimate purpose. Black Men want an inclusive Kingdom driven Brotherhood society.

He wants a way to remove the depression, anger, toxicity, fear, sadness, loneliness, mental abuse, PTSD, and hatred from his Black Masculinity. The Soul of a black man is the mental health program that he seeks. Who wants to be around and or dance in conversations that produce suicide, depression, anxiety, alcohol usage, and drug abuse? Because of the many years of abuse at the hands of self-ignorance, systemic racism, and oppression high levels of share presents themselves concerning the emotional well-being of black man. It is not enough to just open up a dialogue, forum. Community center, Facebook group, a zoom meeting, and a banquet hall; and suggest that those spaces will automatically produce healing and change given the nature of struggles of the black man.

Most black men are walking around in need of help and do not even know it. In the 2nd edition of “Black Psychology” edited by Reginald L. Jones, makes an important assessment with regards to “The Black Psychologist as a consultant and therapist”. Ferdinand Jones says, “The Black Clinician must see that the society in which their personal and professional success was achieved exists simultaneously in a personally destructive context”. Reginald Jones is making a distinction of how black mental health professionals must view their world apart from their professional. In this case I am using the black man as a psychologist and consultant.

The Black man must be able to see that an externalized western worldly success; is in direct opposition to that of a Kingdom society. The rules are different and thus calls for a self-examination of the soul. Why is this important? Because the Black mind operates in a world that he is not from. Thus, requiring training on how to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. W.E.B. Dubois explains it in this manner “To stimulate wildly weak and untrained minds is to play with might fires”. The Western world uses its perversions to stimulate the minds of men who have low mental health literacy, and those who are less likely to seek help for their problems.

Apostle Paul realized this notion in 1 Corinthians 15:31 (KJV) by stating that “I Die Daily”. Apostle Paul recognized that if he became too consumed with his education, house, car, relationships, influence, and status in the marketplace; that it would make him fail to remember that he works in White America but exists from the confines of a black, ethnic & minority community. It’s not an accident you hear black men calling other black men “sellouts’, or “Coons”. When there is an absence of light within the self-examination of a black man; often produces behavior contrary to the nature of his tribal language.

Immediately it becomes evident that there is trauma ingrained in the soul of that black man. Why wouldn’t there be? Every part of his life is for sale. His body, his mind, his athletic ability. The psychological stress of the black man has become an enterprise for would be corporations, who marginal black men to the point of no return. The marginalization and the disenfranchisement at some point has to cease and desist. The spiritual, psychological, cultural, and social ramifications of this poisoned system create duality in the minds of black men.

The movie soul presents a similar depiction of the black men who inspires to be great. Jamie Foxx voices Joe Gardner, a jazz musician who wants to make it big. One day he gets the gig of a lifetime and suffers an accident and finds himself in the afterlife. Metaphorically, many black men have these same ambitions but end up finding themselves in a mental prison or actual prison. And with their dreams on the line, they fight these oppressive systems to get back on track and leave a legacy. Moreover, the tormented soul wants nothing to with this Americanized Western way of thinking.

How do you view your soul?



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