I Grossed $18,633 in the first 6 months of 2022 in my Side Hustle.

Here’s How I am feeling!!!

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Let me open up with a few lines of “The Spirit of Tao”. I am huge fan of this classic and must set the tone of this Clubhouse room. Oh, wait this is a medium post LOL!!! Sorry wrong channel.

Nevertheless, “The Richness of Subliminal Virtue” states that all things are subjective and carry a Ying/Yang proposition in its fortune.

For example, “When beings climax in power they wane”. It’s your proverbial what goes up must come down. It’s your life cycle pathway and how you must start from 0 at the beginning of every new decade of life.

You learn something new about yourself and life in these 10-year intervals (20, 30, 40, 50, 60). Now, that I am 40 I found myself going back to kindergarten in my perspective because I am learning how to live on a higher octave.

Although, our income can seem subjective when compared to the success or failures of others; it’s more about what is being extracted from the fringes of our personal growth and development.

Again, this is just my intuitive interpretation of the matter. While grossing $18,633 in the first six months of my side hustled sounded reasonable; it was actually super subliminal. We hear of thousands of posts on Medium about what people made and their stories behind the madness.

And yet, it’s what lies behind the numbers that makes us want more out of life. Now, I shall place my emotions on display. Grab what resonates and toss the others into the abyss of nothing.

Here is How I am Feeling?

Empowered: I am empowered to try new things; and seek out new experiences. I am empowered to connect on a deeper level to those that are drawn to my words of encouragement. Despite my unconventional history as a Black man Raised in Capitalist America, I will continue to exhibit a boldness that will result in achieving my desired results.

Enlightened: I am enlightened by literature, stories of hope, a great romcom, my intuition and showing thankful recognition for what life brings. You have grossed more in 2022 than you think. I am sure you have grossed an enlightened perspective about life in general (i.e., Row vs Wade overturn, mass shootings, police brutality, sky high gas prices etc.).

Jovial: I am cheerful and friendly. My mood is great as long as I meditate, exercise, write, give, support others, love my family, put God first and tap into my calling. It’s a new me everyone and I not afraid to let the world know how I feel.

Encouraged: I am driven by the desire to achieve a particular goal. I Am encouraged to talk to each member of my audience on a one-on-one basis. I am encouraged to listen to stories from around the world. We are all grossing something I want to be part of those conversations.

Hungry: I am hungry for the truth. I am thinking about the What if? Scenario. I will keep my foot on the gas when it comes to creative writing and building meaningful relationships. I am hungry for new ways that I can contribute my gifts to the world.

Unsettled: I am unsettled at times because my allowed my good will nature to be take advantage of by different tribes of people. That was my affectionate side where I boldly showed open fondness for others. I am working through this and will let my creative spirit infect the world.

Faithful: I am faithful to the process of my calling, and I am willing to try new experiences and take risks. My only desire is to meet tons of creative and likeminded individuals and begin travelling to create phenomenal memories. I am a traveler everyone.

Grateful: I am grateful for learning about the importance of showing flexibility and versatility regardless of the situation. I can maneuver through any hardship, trial, or tribulation because hardships prep the path for greatness.

In Summation:

When I tell you it feels good to be alive and well that may be an understatement. Check this, the world is in a series of calamities that only God knows how things will eventually play out. And yet, we as humans are continuously pushed towards a new wave of chaos. Can you feel it in the air?

Can you feel the pulsating vibratory lens of freedom? Growing up in America at times can feel like we are living in a cult. There is said it!! America is a cult in many ways excluding fraternities, sororities, the KKK, Mobs, gangs, Non-Profit’s, and other fertilized isotopes of inclusion.

Here are the ideals that are being broken loose off the fabric of America. “I am weak-minded”; “I’m an easy target”, “My judgment can’t be trusted”, “I’ll never be free from the ideas that were put into my mind”; “All religions are out to brainwash and control people

We all have grossed something in the last six months. Whether new friends, ideas, new steams of income, money from our jobs, bad habits, good habits, etc. I am happy because my creative lens has been liberated from the pain of fidelity. I no longer sleep with the confusion of my past flame.

No longer will I play this filthy figurehead and subjugate my senses to the longings of this world. I actually grossed more than $18,633 in the last 6 months when you think of all the opportunities, I was given to share my voice with the world.

Keep Grossing my friend!!!!!



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